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Candidate for 22nd District is not Joe Exotic -the Tiger King but he knows Big Cats

Candidate for Representative of Washington’s 22nd Legislative District is Focused on Wildlands and Civil Society

Pictured is Anthony Novack with a sedated female jaguar captured in the Chaco region of Paraguay that was fitted with a satellite transmitter collar and released after 2o minutes

Date: May 6, 2020

Contact: Friends of Anthony Novack,

No – he is not Joe Exotic the Tiger King but, Anthony Novack has experience with big cats. He is a professional wildlife biologist with experiences working with jaguars, mountain lions, bears, and wolves. A Washington native, Anthony would bring a unique viewpoint to elected office. He has a broad cultural understanding from many years living as a military dependent family member in Europe and as a researcher and Peace Corps volunteer in Central America. Anthony also has a strong background in science and the critical skills required to separate facts from fiction. These personal traits will be vital as government responds to the health and economic crisis resulting from Covid-19. We must respond to this pandemic and sustain our communities while planning for the next crisis.

The 22nd legislative district is home to an especially fun and vibrant Procession of the Species Celebration. Without investments in green infrastructure, our grandchildren will be facing a somber Parade of Extinctions. Anthony will propose new opportunities for our society to grow in harmony with nature. A healthy society of people and wildlands in Washington is an attainable goal. This goal can be achieved when a mountain lion cub born locally in Capitol Forest could walk to Idaho without ever touching paws to pavement. A healthy environment includes a world where all wildlands are strongly linked. It is a world where animals could leave Capitol Forest and pad down an untrammeled path to the U.S border and beyond. Currently, Interstate 5 bisects our region and serves as a dangerous trap or impenetrable wall to most animals.

Anthony has a pragmatic solution to save wild creatures and people in this state. If elected, Anthony’s vision for green infrastructure will revamp our highway system and integrate it alongside nature. His proposal to invest in wildlife crossings on roadways would: 1) reduce vehicle-animal collisions, 2) push insurance costs lower, 3) improve driver safety, and 4) create safe pathways for wild animals. It is a smart, simple, and cost-effective way to improve our state highways.

Enacting innovative societal solutions now is more necessary than ever. Anthony has years of experience working to transform conflicts. His expertise has been honed by working with farmers to resolve conflicts with wildlife in Eastern Washington. Anthony knows that our future depends on bringing people with diverse viewpoints together. Diverse groups that work together with respect will create great solutions. In a world where even a global pandemic breeds vitriol, we desperately need a civil approach to societal challenges.

Anthony’s broader vision is for People-Centered Ideas, Planet-Focused Values, and System-Wide Solutions.

His large range of proposals include:

· Save Wildlife from Cars: A green infrastructure initiative to protect people and wild creatures within Washington State

· Promote Civil Society – an investment in tools to transform polarized political conflicts into collaboration because, citizens want reliable government that functions effectively regardless of party affiliations

· A “Pandemic Response” tax on the top 10% income earners

· Taxpayer’s Referendum – a mechanism for taxpayers to directly decide where their taxes are spent

· Zombie Government Initiative – a public service guarantee that avoids total government shutdowns (e.g. Dead Government).

· Eliminate unfair corporate tax breaks – Invest and take an active role as public shareholders in Washington based companies to advocate for the long-term economic well-being of state citizens

For more information, please visit

Pictures attached: Note – (Pictured is Anthony Novack with a sedated female jaguar captured in the Chaco region of Paraguay that was fitted with a satellite transmitter collar and released after 2o minutes)

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