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Which German city is the site of the world’s largest beer festival?

Answer:  The Bavarian city of Munich.  Anthony attended college in Munich from 1989-1991 just a short bus and subway ride away from Oktoberfest fairgrounds.  This 16- to 18-day festival runs from late September to the first Sunday in October with millions of people attending.  Anthony doesn’t remember all the details of the festival but, he can still perform the Chicken Dance and sing German drinking songs. Prost!

What U.S. agency for international development decided to recall over 7,000 internationally based volunteers as a result of the coronavirus epidemic?

Answer:  The Peace Corps.  Anthony served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras from 1995 to 1999.

How are the spots on a Leopard different from those of a Jaguar? 

Answer:  The rosette pattern of circular spots on a jaguar will have a spot inside the circle while the rosette pattern on leopards will not. Anthony conducted research on jaguars in Guatemala where, he used the jaguars unique spot pattern to distinguish individual animals. He established a net of camera-traps to capture images of these rare and elusive cats as part of a study on their behavior and ecology

What federally designated wilderness area resides in the northeast corner of Washington state bordering both Canada and the state of Idaho?

Answer: The Salmo-Priest wilderness.  In 2010, Anthony discovered one of the first wolf-packs in Washington (the Salmo Pack) just outside of this wilderness boundary.

What year did the Berlin Wall come down?

Answer:  November of 1989.  Anthony visited the Berlin wall while his father was stationed with the U.S. Air Force in West Germany.  He was attending college at a branch of the University of Maryland in West Germany at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union.  A piece of the wall sits as a memento on his bookshelf.

Can you name one category 5 hurricane that has occurred in the last 40 years?  Which caused the greatest loss of lives?  Which resulted in the most economic damage?

Answer:  There are 19 possible answers.  Hurricane Mitch hit Central America in November, 1998 and caused the greatest loss of life (almost 20,00).  Anthony was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras at that time.  All volunteers were temporarily evacuated from the country afterwards.  Hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused the greatest economic losses (~ $125 billion). 

Which small town in eastern Washington was a site for the filming of the 1990’s hit television show “Northern Exposure”?

Answer:  The town of Roslyn in Kittitas county.  Anthony lived in Roslyn for five years and served on the city council.

What species of wild pigeon is native to Washington?

Answer:  The Band-Tailed Pigeon is a species of greatest conservation need that resides in Washington during the summer months. It is the closest living relative to the long extinct Passenger Pigeon.  Anthony is working on the conservation and management of Band-Tailed Pigeons in Washington.

Which famous Mayan city and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the jungles of Guatemala was the film location for the Yavin 4 Rebel Base in Star Wars Episode IV?

Answer:  Tikal.  Anthony conducted some of his scientific research on jaguars and mountain lions within the northern boundaries of Tikal National Park.

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